TDS Design started in 2013 aiming to provide high quality design services for small businesses and we have since evolved.

Based in Reading, UK, we are able design anything from a simple logo, all the way up to a full brand overhaul. We work with you on the journey and aim to arrive at the point where you say 'yes I love what you have done'


Its not only the design side of things, we also have technical knowledge to help with domains, email accounts, hosting, mailing lists and much more. If you work with us, we act as your guide through all things technical!




Q: I like your work, lets talk shop, how much do you charge?


A: Every project is different but we are realists. Long established design firms with hundreds of creatives can add as many zero's as they like to a logo design. We have found a niche in small businesses that have various needs from a full website, via a logo and brand revamp, to a quick hour's worth of flyer design.


As a guide:

Web Site: £500-£2500 | Logo/Brand: £100-£300 | Poster/Flyer: £25-£150 | Business Cards: £30. Print costs are separate.


Q: What happens if I buy a full website and want to update it every week?


A: Again, it depends on the scale of the project, but we now offer in-browser editing and content updates managed by Tumblr. Head over to Your Site and take a look how it works. We build the core of the site and you can edit your text and images using the login credentials we provide. Messed it up? Don't worry, it happens and we'll sort it without charge. A lot of companies charge for every single update and we find that a bit negative. If you are building from the base up you don't want to be stung every time you update your site - its now in your own hands.


Q: Talk to me about printing...


A: Straight forward this one. We design your media and upload to our printers. The proofs are all done online and the process usually takes 3 days to complete where you'll receive your shiny new flyers, brochures, business cards, posters or any other type of print media you may require.


Q: We noticed your e-commerce section. Isn't that away from web design?


A: Yes and no. Going back to our technical knowledge mentioned at the top, we have developed an e-commerce platform that 'slots' in to your website. This is power by ECWID and allows you to manage your store, products, shipping, payment, invoices and much more. We create your site design and then can offer a sliding scale level of service depending on what you require. Head over to our test e-commerce site and have a look.


Q: What else can you do?


A: If it can be created, we can do it. Hopefully you have seen the extent of our portfolio but just get in touch if you have a new query.  We love a website, can't get enough of high resolution images used on posters, flyers, invites and so on. Oh and we are nerds so most of all we LOVE finding out about new features, tips, techniques to enhance the end result.


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